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One of the major causes for air conditioner systems to break, or become faulty, is lack of maintenance. As with any computer or electronic equipment, dust is not its best friend. Ensuring your air conditioner is clean and regularly maintained, expands the life span of your air conditioner.

Services Level Agreement

Shirah Air Conditioning provides scheduled and regular maintenance of all cooling and heating systems through our tailored Service Level Agreements, taking the hassle from you to remember the maintenance on your equipment.

save money

We all know that buying new air conditioners for your home or business can be a costly and upexpected expense. Especially if untimely breakages occur. Partnering with Shirah Air Conditioners to take care of your coooling equipment will reduce the probablity of such damages, saving you money, and keeping you cool all-year-round.

Damages and/or breakage of your cooling or heating equipment, can in most parts be contributed to the following:

  • Dirty, unserviced or unmaintained equipment
  • Residue build up due to lack of maintenance
  • Regular and sudden power dipps
  • Incorrect usage of your cooling and/or heating system


Contact us for a hassle free quotation and/or site inspection of your equipment to ensure you’re not caught off-guard with unexpected air condtioner expenses.

Feel free to browse through our gallery below and experience our quality first hand.

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